New SEO copywriter joins theEword team

As our much-talked-about online marketing expansion drive continues apace, we’ve started the year by adding two more members of staff to our team.

The first, SEO copywriter Karolyn Judge (pictured right), joined theEword earlier this month.

Karolyn has previously worked as a journalist and writer at a number of national newspapers and magazines. She has experience as a staff writer for the national and regional pages of the Metro newspaper’s Life section, and was responsible for editing the daily entertainment listings.

Before that, she was the lead writer at business-to-business publisher World’s Fair. She has a wide range of online experience, writing voluntarily for the entertainment pages of and and has done SEO copy on a freelance basis.

Hello Karolyn

Hello theEword! It’s lovely to be here.

What is your favourite website?

Unfortunately, Facebook. It’s a really good way to keep in contact with friends - especially as a lot of mine live around the country. I also enjoy reading blogs. I think The Girl With A One Track Mind and Helen Of Troy Does Countertop Writings blogs are great.

Tell us the worst job you’ve ever had

I’m always one to make the best out of situations, so I don’t really consider any job I’ve had to be ‘bad‘. I found telesales a difficult one as I’m more of a face-to-face kinda girl.

What’s your favourite day of the week?

Fridays and Saturdays are usually fun, whether I’m off out into town or just relaxing at home. It used to be Thursdays when I was younger, as I’d get pocket money and bacon butties for my tea, but now that I fend for myself it’s not as joyful.

What is your favourite genre of popular music?

Deep and soulful house by producers and DJs like Masters At Work, Terry Hunter, Joey Negro, Theo Parrish, Phil Asher and Kerri Chandler. I also like jungle, drum and bass, old-skool hip hop and R’n’B, plus soul, Motown, pop and disco.

Outside of work, what has been your greatest achievement?

When I was around six or seven I won first prize in the Somerwest Butlins fancy dress competition. The rain had drowned out Wimbledon that summer, so my mum decided to be topical and dressed me up as ‘Miss Swimbledon‘. I wore a tennis outfit, rain coat, umbrella, goggles and flippers.

I won a trophy, which I still have and, bizarrely, had an article in the Sun newspaper written about me. My big brother went a few years earlier as a Smurf, top to toe in blue face paint. He won, of course. We were professional fancy dressers - our mum was like a fancy dress stage mum.

Smoothies - what’s your flavour?

I have a weird thing about the texture of milkshakes, and I think smoothies would be similar, so I’ve never had one. But if I did like them, it would probably be strawberry. I think I’ll just stick to Slush Puppies.

What’s your favourite TV show?

It ranges from the fashion-based/shallow, with the Hills coming at the top of my list slowly followed by America’s Next Top Model, to comedy shows like Big Train, Peep Show, Flight Of The Conchords and Father Ted. Match Of The Day is good at the moment - as my football team, Manchester City, have had a few good results.