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Introduction by Ben Dudley

Rachel Campbell is a Manchester Metropolitan student who has been assisting the various teams at theEword for the past couple of weeks. In this blog, Rachel tells us how she's found her time at theEword so far, and how she expects the experience to benefit her in future.

Rachel's blog

Today marks the 7th week of my Agency Life Internship with the Eword. Settling down at the desk (with a cup of tea and chocolate cake), now seems a good time to begin a journal of my experiences so far...

What is Agency Life?

As a student in PR and Digital Media Communications at MMU, Agency life is one of the units included in the 2nd year. The unit requires me to spend a day a week with a marketing agency, in order to gain experience of working within marketing.

Before being offered a position with the Eword, I attended an interview with Natalie Booth (Head of Search). We talked about the role, my knowledge of SEO and what I hoped to learn from working with the company, as well as the delights of hiking and Coronation Street.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

During the first five weeks of my internship, I worked with the SEO team. I began my first day feeling a little nervous about what to expect. However, after reading a brief introduction into SEO, I was introduced to Jordan, whom I was to shadow for the rest of the day. During the time that I spent shadowing Jordan, I was given an insight into the process of prospecting. This was a part of SEO that I hadn't been introduced to throughout my studies. What better way to begin my internship than with learning something new?

Whilst working with the SEO team, one person in particular that helped me enormously with my development, was Carla. I would start most weeks with a short training session led by Carla, in which I would learn about different aspects of SEO. I would then spend the rest of the day with Sophie, Josh, Kaylum or Jordan, in which I would put into practice what Carla had taught me.

Working with the SEO team has been a wonderful experience. I have been introduced to aspects of SEO that were unknown to me (such as Prospecting and developing an audit for a client), as well as developing the theory that I have learnt at University and putting it into practice.


Having spent five weeks with the SEO team, it was time to move on to pastures new. For the past two weeks, I have been working with the content team, who are responsible for creating high quality, informative content for clients' websites. Upon joining the team, I was given a training session, presented by Ben, that explained the key focus points of content (such as bowler hats for elephants!). Since then, I have written an article for the company website on the latest update from Google as well as writing this blog post. The most crucial task so far, however, was the opening of the advent calendar this morning!

During the next few weeks that I spend with content, I am hoping to develop my writing and creativity skills further.

The Experience

The 7 weeks that I have spent at the Eword have been incredibly informative. The team has helped develop my awareness of search marketing and I am thoroughly enjoying working with a friendly and talented group of individuals. I am looking forward to seeing what the next few months bring!