In the service of two masters

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You may remember that in October we introduced you to our new SEO copywriter Tom. Since he’s now been working here for a month, we decided to ask him for his thoughts on SEO writing and the nature of creating web-based content for clients. Here are his reflections.

As a journalist, I believe that regardless of medium or demographic, the interests of the reader come first. No matter what you’re writing for – print, television, B2B or SEO – you need to keep the reader entertained. Aaron Sorkin, West Wing writer, and hero of mine once said, “Our responsibility [as writers] is to captivate you for however long we've asked for your attention.” A tad pretentious, possibly, but it’s a mantra I try to stick to as a writer.

At theEword, it’s my responsibility to produce SEO content for a number of clients; a range of SEO material from blogs to news stories to bespoke content for clients’ sites. Each piece of SEO copy requires a slightly different tone and style depending on the client’s requirements. The trick is finding the balance that will keep both client and reader happy; something we strive to do at theEword.

Keeping your reader onside is more important in SEO writing than any other form of copywriting. Writing for the internet is an interactive experience. Visitors need to be enthused by your words, encouraged to not only stick around and read them but to share them through outlets such as Facebook, Twitter or Digg. Grabbing the attention of site visitors is one step away from turning them into customers.

A good flow of unique copy, optimised for search engines, can invigorate a website in manifold ways. It’s not enough to stuff your content with keywords and hope the gods of Google look down on you kindly. The internet and its users are evolving into something much smarter and we need to provide content that is as attractive to surfers as it is to our clients. As SEO writers, we should be aware that we’re working for two masters.