Twitter suffers phishing scam

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Social media marketing scams hit Twitter

There has been an upsurge in social media marketing scams this week.

Many Manchester Twitter account holders have noticed a spate of direct messages and mentions from users they follow. Although there are many variations, one of the most common is a tweet that says 'LOL is this you?' and a shortened URL link. Another takes the form of social media marketing spam, inviting Manchester users to click through and buy sexually explicit material.

Responding to the problem, the Twitter Status blog confirmed it had tracked "an increase in phishing attempts" and promised to keep posting updates on @safety and @spam. It also revealed that Twitter is currently working on changing passwords for accounts that have been penetrated by phishers already.

How to avoid Twitter phishing scam

Furthermore, users are being offered advice on how to avoid becoming a victim. "If you receive a DM or see a message with a phrase like 'This you??' or 'LOL is this you?' followed by a link, please do not click through; there's a phishing site on the other side," explained the Twitter Status blog. "While simply receiving this message does not mean your account is compromised, if you do click through and enter your username and password, you'll want to change your password. If you've received this type of spam from a friend, you may want to alert them to change their password."

Some Manchester Twitter account holders who click on the link have been redirected to an alert screen telling them that a scam is suspected. However, this depends on the individual's browser and security settings. Many Manchester Twitter users have already been conned into handing over their details with the result that their followers are inundated with phishing virals.