Twitter suffers massive hijack attack

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Thousands of Twitter users affected by password hijack

Twitter has been forced to respond to one of the largest attempts yet to take control of users accounts, with many having their passwords stolen by a convincing fraud.

The popular social media website sent out an email to a wide number of people who use the site, informing them their password had been reset to block unwanted access from unauthorised users.

The e-mail from Twitter gave a number of tips as to how to keep an account safe, including to always check the address bar reads rather than a hijacking attempt where the page has been made to look extremely similar to Twitter.

Many users whose accounts were not compromised also had their passwords reset, as Twitter tried to ensure that everyone involved had full control of their page restored.

Tweet records shattered by Obama post

In an eventful week for social media, the 'four more years' post by Barack Obama has broken a number of records across Twitter and Facebook. The message was written as it became clear the President had won another term in office, defeating Mitt Romney. The social media popularity of Obama was shown earlier in the week week, with research putting him well ahead of Mitt Romney.

At the time of writing the tweet from the president had been retweeted over 778,000 times, with in excess of 275,000 favourites. This makes the three-word tweet by far the most popular in the history of the site. Records were also smashed on Facebook, with over 3.4 million likes at a rate of over 100,000 an hour.

Adrian Mursec, senior developer at theEword, said: "With the US Presidential election showing the importance of social media, it is vital that sites such as Twitter respond to attacks on user privacy as quickly as possible. Their actions here look to have prevented the issue from spreading further and helped maintain the integrity of the site."