Twitter search results become more visual

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A personalised perspective

Twitter has updated its Discover section and search results. The change will see photos, videos and previews appear without the current two-step process.

Users often post more than just 140 characters, sharing videos, images and links to articles with their followers. Through embedding such media within the results, Twitter is aiming to provide people with a more relevant and personalised experience.

The images and videos are set to appear in a grid above the stream of tweets, allowing people to view relevant media without having to tap on a link. iPhone and Android users will now also find pictures automatically appearing in their results. As photos are often used to tell an important part of a person's story, this update will allow an image to stand at the forefront of a tweet, with the 140 characters acting more like a caption.

Twitter has also updated how its users view article links in Discover. Rather than having to expand a story, mobile app users will now be able to view previews and summaries alongside the original tweet, giving them a fuller understanding of the articles that appear in their results.

An ongoing development

Tian Wang, search and relevance engineer at Twitter, said: "Keep an eye out as we continue to improve search and Discover so that you can learn about what's happening around the world, while you're out in the world." The updates are set to be rolled over the next few weeks as part of Twitter's ongoing development of search and Discover.

Adrian Mursec, senior developer at theEword, said: "The introduction of videos, images and previews within search results and Discover will add interest and depth to the Twitter user experience."