Twitter API gets top tweets filtering

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Top tweets

Twitter has announced that its API will get two valuable additions over the coming weeks, which will allow developers to detect the quality and language of a tweet.

The first update will allow developers to select from none, low and medium value tweets. The high value classification will be reserved for future use.

In a similar fashion to the 'Top Tweets' Twitter search results found on, this will enable developers to view high quality, important tweets in high volume feeds as the algorithm will sort the most valuable tweets from others.

Language detection

The second API update will use the Twitter machine language detection algorithm to help developers collect, analyse and organise tweets based on their language. With the introduction of this metadata, developers can select the languages that they would want to appear, and can also hide tweets from certain others.

The value filters will be launching on 20 February 2013, while the language filter will follow shortly after, but hasn't been given a hard date. Twitter developer Arne Roomann-Kurrik simply said on the Twitter Developers blog: "Please keep an eye on the calendar of API changes for updates regarding the availability of these attributes."

Adrian Mursec, senior developer at theEword, said: "This is a positive step for developers and users as it is likely to help quality and relevant content get to the surface. Also, it gives Twitter the opportunity to use tweet valuation to establish a new way of displaying tweets in the future."