Twitter announces major overhaul

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New look for social media website

Social media tool Twitter has announced its first major website overhaul in four years, with the primary focus being the sharing of multimedia.

Chief executive and co-founder Evan Williams launched the new look at the company's San Francisco headquarters on Tuesday September 14th. Among the changes set to be rolled out over the coming weeks are a double-pane interface which shows tweets on one side and images posted in messages on the other.

Mr Williams told the BBC that he expects the switch in format will help users engage a greater amount of information in a shorter period of time. And, with Twitter reportedly striking deals with sites including Flickr and YouTube, Twitter users can expect their micro blogging experience to be more visual than it has been so far.

"We liked the old Twitter but we thought we could make it better. There was a lot buried underneath Twitter and now we are bringing all of that to the surface," he told the BBC.

Growing pains

However, the evolution of the Twitter website into a more capable domain could prove problematic for small companies who have set up Twitter clients for various devices.

While Mr Williams has claimed that the site's growth does not signal the end for third-party Twitter developers, he has said that their presence will not stunt the emergence of

He said: "[This] doesn't mean we are not going to improve the interfaces we own and control. Our goal is to make people more happy and engaged Twitter users."