TweetDeck talks money

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Money matters for TweetDeck

TweetDeck has indicated that making money will become a key concern next year after internal figures showed that it remains the dominant social media client.

According to statistics released by TweetDeck to celebrate its second birthday, the application has been downloaded to more than 15 million desktops and 2.5 million iPhones. What's more, if desktop TweetDeck is measured in terms of total outbound tweets, the social media client is five times the size of its nearest competitor. More than 4 million tweets, buzzes and status updates are sent out via the service every day.

New revenue streams ahead for TweetDeck

Iain Dodsworth, founder and chief executive officer of TweetDeck, predicted that the company's third year would see "the maturation of the real-time ecosystem into a business". He explained: "Consistent monetisation is necessary for companies in the space, from big to small, and we are committed to working with our integrated networks to make sure that the user experience remains paramount as revenue streams are introduced".

Having started life as a desktop client, TweetDeck has since established itself as a popular Twitter app for the iPhone and iPad. The company is also planning to release a version of TweetDeck that is compatible with Android phones in the near future, as well as investing heavily in the mobile web.

The TweetDeck API enables users to interact with multiple social accounts. Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Buzz and FourSquare can all be accessed from a single interface.