Top Twitter times shown by study

By Daniel Nolan topicIcon Social Media

Research reveals top Twitter times

A new study has revealed which times of the day and week are most likely to see activity on Twitter. The information will be useful to social media marketing professionals who want to maximise the effectiveness of their campaigns on the micro-blogging service.

The Twitter research, carried out by Swedish website Pingdom, showed that most activity takes place during the afternoon and evening on Monday to Friday, with significant drops in the number of tweets exchanged in the early hours of the morning and at weekends.

The busiest Twitter day was found to be Tuesday, on which an average of almost 30million tweets are sent every week. This equates to around 1.6million tweets per hour. On Saturdays and Sundays, the average number of tweets went down to 25million.

Tweeting at work

The figures seem to suggest that people do most of their tweeting during the working week, although it isn't clear whether this is because they have to as part of their job, or if they are just using company computers to engage in a spot of social networking.

Talking about the relevance of the study, theEword online marketing manager Mark Baker said: "Being able to see the times at which most Twitter activity takes place allows marketers to target their campaigns so that they hit the biggest audience possible. Also, the news that most people use the service during the working day means that this could be the best time for picking up new brand followers.

"The study also shows that, with the number of tweets per hour hitting 1.6million at some times of the day, campaigns need to be unique and engaging to avoid being drowned out."