The British Monarchy joins Facebook

By Rachel Hand topicIcon Social Media

Do you Like the Queen?

The British Monarchy has ventured further into social media by launching an official Facebook page over the weekend. However, rather than being a personal page to connect with friends, The British Monarchy is a fan page which users can Like to receive updates.

Over 49,000 people have subscribed in just one day, gaining access to the royal family's videos and pictures. The page also incorporates a Near Me box, which shows upcoming royal events and engagements on a map. The same map can also be used to show the engagements listed in the Court Circular, a 200-year-old newsletter of the monarchy's activities which previously could only be accessed from the Buckingham Palace website.

Royal PR

The BBC reports the Facebook page is "a collaboration between Buckingham Palace, Clarence House and the Royal Collection", and that "the Queen has reportedly embraced the web and sends e-mails". This is the latest in a string of forays into the digital world, apparently attempting to boost popularity by reaching subjects in new ways.

The videos on the account are from the official Royal Channel on YouTube, which was established in 2007. Earlier this year, Buckingham Palace also posted several albums on Flickr, including intimate family pictures. The British Monarchy has been on Twitter since 2009, and has over 71,000 followers; however, the account is not following anybody back.