Social media a triumph of humanity, says Twitter founder

Social media is good for society

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone has claimed that social media is having a positive effect on society.

The remark comes after a wave of bad press levelled at sites like Facebook and Twitter, prompted largely by the release of Facebook-based movie The Social Network. Negative opinion of the site and its rival Twitter has been commonplace in recent months, with accusations surfacing suggesting usage can harm exam preparation and put children at risk.

Stone perhaps unsurprisingly sees things differently, even going so far as to credit the effect Twitter is having on society as overwhelmingly positive. He said: "[Twitter] is not going to be a triumph of technology - it's going to be a triumph of humanity ... the growth potential is there from a positive change perspective, not just a business perspective."

Away from computers

The Twitter executive also revealed his desire for users to eventually move away from computers. He said that within five years he would like to see people opting for mobile devices rather than hunching over desktop machines.

Stone's comments were mirrored by Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, who told delegates at a panel discussion at Impact 2010 that social media is becoming the filter through which people receive their information.

Indeed, with Facebook now having over 500 million users from across the world, and Twitter 165 million, it's difficult to disagree with Hughes' claim that the platform is becoming a "frame" for people's daily lives.