SEOmoz goes social with launch of Analytics tool

By Rachel Hand topicIcon Social Media

PRO social media marketing

SEOmoz has launched a new Social Analytics tool for marketers to track the progress of their social media campaigns.

The company is famed for developing SEOmoz PRO, a management system widely used in the industry. Social Analytics will be the latest metric to be added to this system, alongside such standards as Rankings, Link Analysis and Traffic Data. The SEOmoz blog explaining the new tool revealed that although only Twitter and Facebook accounts can be connected at the moment, developers are working on adding support for Google+ and LinkedIn.

Features of Social Analytics

The new SEOmoz Social Analytics dashboard will incorporate feature that allow marketers to:

  • Monitor the followers, retweets and traffic for Twitter accounts
  • Monitor fans, Likes and traffic for Facebook accounts
  • Compare account growth to the progress of your chosen competitors
  • See the Klout score of accounts that have retweeted or @ mentioned yours
  • See the number of comments and Likes for Facebook posts
  • Measure the impact of social media campaigns, by showing the traffic from your Facebook or Twitter pages to your domain over a given time frame

Quantifying social efforts

SEOmoz program manager Miranda Rensch described the launch of the tool as: "the first step towards our bigger vision for offering social analytics and quantifying the impact of social efforts". However, Social Analytics is only available with SEOmoz PRO - which at $99 per month may be out of range for individuals or in-house social media campaigns.

Richard Frost, managing editor at theEword, commented: "Marketers everywhere will be glad to see the launch of Social Analytics. The social media metrics in Google Analytics that launched a few months ago are great, but this tool monitors account growth and interactions and provides a competitor comparison as well as the simple traffic stats obtainable through Google Analytics. Furthermore, by launching a tool that measures social media impact, SEOmoz is sending a clear message on the importance of social in marketing."