Paid Twitter adverts to follow natural news feeds

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Paid adverts set to trend on Twitter

Twitter news streams could soon switch from everyday trivia to a targeted advertiser's paradise as reports suggest the micro-blogging site is promoting its paid tweet service.

Currently, the social media network allows advertisers to use their 'Promoted Tweets' service to shop their wares in a sidebar on the company's home page. However, it is now planning to integrate the short commercial messages into users' news streams.

The Financial Times claims Twitter head of revenue Adam Bain, among others, has been meeting with agencies this week, as marketers look to cash in on the 300 million worldwide tweeters.

It's something that has been on the cards for a while, with the company announcing earlier this year that it is "always talking with marketers about ways they could potentially get more out of Twitter. Some of these discussed concepts may materialise; others will not."

Promoted peeps

Twitter currently offers advertisers the chance to promote trends on its site, as well as individual accounts. They subsequently appear at the top Twitter searches, but it is made know to users that the result has been paid for.

However, the company has a large amount of ground to make up if it is to catch up with Facebook's advertising revenue figures. While Twitter this year is expected to generate around $100m (£62m) from its commercial services, its blue-topped rival is rumoured to be raking in a staggering $3.5 billion (£2.17bn) from display ads alone.