Oldest Facebook user is 103

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Lillian Lowe stays connected at 103 years old

It would appear that social media is not exclusively a young person's game, after The Sun newspaper claims to have found Britain's oldest Facebook user.

According to the tabloid, 103-year-old Lillian Lowe is no slouch when it comes to the fast-moving world of technology, and uses the popular website to keep in touch with her family.

Lillian's technological prowess doesn't end there, however, as she surfs Facebook using her grandson Steve's iPad. Steve said: "She's very keen to know what young people are doing. She might raise an eyebrow at a few of the teenage antics she sees on Facebook, but she takes it all in her stride."

A representative for Facebook has admitted that they cannot officially crown Lillian the network's oldest proponent, but added that her Facebook use confirms the site's universal appeal.

Facebook's global takeover continues

Facebook's universal appeal is set to expand this year, as the company has announced a team-up with former social media rival MySpace.

Mashup with Facebook gives MySpace users the chance to access a personalised stream of content taken from their Facebook pages with just a single click.

The service is an exciting step for MySpace, according to CEO Mike Jones. He added that the immediacy of a customised service being delivered with just a couple of clicks will be advantageous to users of the social network at large.