Old Spice social campaign applauded

The recent social media campaign from Old Spice, the American fragrance product, has been highly praised by industry experts. The marketing series, which saw an Old Spice spokesman respond to questions from users on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, has been praised by marketers for its unprecedented use of social media.

The campaign, which started on Tuesday, saw ex-NFL footballer Isiah Mustafa personally respond to tweets and Facebook mentions via video blogs. The YouTube series, which was filmed in real-time as questions were asked, featured over 180 videos of tongue-in-cheek responses to user queries. The campaign has currently garnered over 5.9 million video views and 22,500 comments.

Industry leaders have been unanimous in their praise of the Old Spice social media campaign, with Mashable's Brenna Ehrlich writing:

"This campaign really is a perfect storm of viralty