Marketers reveal their top social platform

Facebook is most 'marketing friendly' social platform says DMA

The world's largest social network has beaten Twitter to the punch for the most 'marketing friendly' crown according to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA).

Facebook came out on top following the poll of 171 UK social marketers, who took part in DMA's inaugural Social Media Scorecard. The poll asked marketers to mark the top social media platforms, which included LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube, in three key areas:

  • Campaign planning
  • Execution
  • Post-campaign analysis

How Facebook fared against competitors

While Twitter was the preferred choice for many for its effectiveness of building brand awareness, and LinkedIn ranked highest as the best platform for its user targeted tools, marketers put Facebook in the top spot for the three main categories.

This put LinkedIn and Twitter in second and third place, while YouTube and Google+ came in fourth and fifth.

What significance has the DMA scorecard had?

The results of the DMA poll may have appeared surprising to many marketers, as the presumption is that a strong Twitter campaign will generate a high CTR volume, more followers and therefore conversions than Facebook ad campaign. However, when categorising the findings of the poll, Lynsey Sweales, member of the DMA Social Media Council and CEO of SocialB UK said:

"The Social media scorecard is crucial for marketers to make an informed decision when choosing social platforms for their campaign. ROI metrics do not give marketers a full picture of the other factors they must take into account.

"For now, Facebook is the most marketing friendly platform in terms of functionality and post-campaign analysis but it will be interesting to see how this will change over the next 12 months. Only a handful of the marketers who took part in the survey were using image and video-based platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, Vimeo and Snapchat, which is why the results aren't included in the scorecard."

Eugene Henry, senior PPC executive at theEword said: "This is particularly interesting with regard to how marketers are approaching their social media campaigns, and it is something that is certainly likely to change as image and video content becomes more prevalent.

"However, the fact that Facebook came ahead of Twitter is a surprise considering the increased frequency of Twitter marketing campaigns in recent years, but then again with Twitter's introduction of more image capabilities next year's results could look entirely different."