Mark Zuckerberg responds to The Social Network

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Mark Zuckerberg questions The Social Network

The founder of Facebook has broken his silence about the Oscar-tipped film that fictionalises the story of his success.

Mark Zuckerberg, who launched Facebook at Harvard University in 2004, is the subject of the new David Fincher project The Social Network. He has consistently refused to comment on the film, which is not officially sanctioned by the world's largest social media site or its creator. However, all that changed this week.

Style over substance

In a speech at Stanford University, Mr Zuckerberg raised doubts about the film's storyline, which suggests that he invented the social network to gain entry into Ivy League institutions and make him more popular with the opposite sex. He countered this by claiming that he has been together with current girlfriend Priscilla Chan since before Facebook was unveiled.

"They [the film's creators] just can't wrap their head around the idea that someone might build something because they like building things," he said, although he did go on to praise one aspect of the film. "It's interesting the stuff that they focused on getting right