I Love Mcr campaign goes social

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I love Manchester

Social media marketing has been placed at the heart of the I Love Mcr campaign, which aims to restore confidence in Manchester after the riot.

On Tuesday, 9 August 2011, the Manchester riot caused damage to large parts of the city centre as looters broke into shops and set fire to buildings. Footage of the disturbances was broadcast around the world, causing further damage to Manchester's international reputation.

However, a broad coalition of organisations has joined together to promote a more positive view of the city through the new I Love Mcr campaign. The Visit Manchester tourist board is selling t-shirts bearing the I Love Mcr logo; all profits go to the mentoring project Reclaim and the fundraising campaign Forever Manchester. Meanwhile, the Marketing Manchester marketing board is calling on retailers, restaurants and bars to offer special discounts to encourage people to return to the city centre.

Support for the I Love Mcr Facebook page

Social media is being used to coordinate the fightback