Facebook Timeline unavailable in IE7

No Facebook Timeline in IE7

Accessing Facebook with IE7 will provide users with an old version of the social networking site, as Facebook Timeline remains unavailable in the browser.

The latest Facebook redesign allows users to tell their life story through a collection of photos, posts and experiences. The Facebook Timeline has now been made publicly available, but does not appear in Internet Explorer 7. When accessing the social networking site through the browser, users are instead taken to an older version of profile pages.

While others browsers including Firefox, Safari and Chrome display the latest profile overhaul, Internet Explorer 7 has been somewhat left behind. Facebook users accessing the social network through IE7 will find that they are subject to a bug-filled version of the social network.

A rocky relationship

Other Facebook features have been unavailable on Internet Explorer in the past. It was announced in August 2010 that the Facebook chat feature would no longer support Internet Explorer 6, at a time when many other web services were abandoning the browser.

It seems that this lack of support from Facebook will continue into the future. ZDNet contributor Emil Protalinski stated that: "Facebook is unlikely to stop just at the new Timeline profile. Mark my words. This is the beginning of the end for IE7 support on Facebook, even if the company hasn't yet said anything officially."

Richard Frost, managing editor at theEword, said: "A lack of support from the largest social networking site, alongside its history for bugs, could result in users losing trust in Internet Explorer and instead turning to Firefox and Chrome, where they are guaranteed to have access to the latest Facebook upgrades."