Facebook profiles overhauled

Profile revamp

Social network Facebook has started rolling out changes to its central feature, the profile page. Two months after emerging from a lockdown, where changes to the site were developed and tested, the update was promoted by a primetime TV interview with CEO Mark Zuckerberg on CBS News.

The most noticeable change to the profile is a block of personal information and photographs at the very top of each profile page, making it easy to get a quick snapshot of the user's life. Zuckerberg said: "I work at Facebook and I spend all of my time there, right? I mean, here are my friends. I grew up in New York and now I live in California. Those really kind of basic, important things".

Working life is certainly a big part of the new profile, perhaps reflecting the progress of those who registered with Facebook when it was exclusive to students. Echoing a LinkedIn profile, users can now include their entire work and education history in a CV-style box, including projects they are particularly proud of, and 'recommend' colleagues by tagging them in those projects.

Visual profile

Facebook's updated profiles are a lot more visual, with a bigger profile picture, at least five tagged photos on the Wall and Info tabs