Facebook plans TripAdvisor jaunt

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Facebook offers Christmas cheer to travellers

Snow may be hampering the travel plans of millions of people this Christmas, but Facebook is hoping that its latest tie-in will still get them thinking about future holidays.

TripAdvisor, the world's largest travel site, has struck a deal to become a Facebook instant personalisation partner. The agreement introduces a potentially lucrative social media element to the site.

Personalised travel planning advice on TripAdvisor

Under the arrangement, anyone who is logged into Facebook when visiting TripAdvisor will be able to receive personalised travel planning advice. A map will draw on information from TripAdvisor's Cities I've Visited app on Facebook to show places that friends have visited, and users will be able to drill down to find reviews of particular hotels and restaurants in that area.

Tiffany Chang Black, who works with Facebook's strategic partners, said: "We hope these new social features on TripAdvisor help you make the most of your holiday travel plans and future vacations. Try it out and let us know some of your favourite destinations."

The TripAdvisor deal marks the latest in a string of high-profile partnerships for Facebook. In October, it announced that Skype 5.0 users would be able to call or text friends directly from Facebook, as well as make status updates, browse their newsfeed and post comments directly from the VoIP platform. Last month, meanwhile, saw the launch of Mashup with Facebook, which allows people to export their Facebook interests to MySpace.