Facebook introduces verified accounts

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Facebook invites users to verify accounts

Facebook is set to provide certain users with an opportunity to verify their social network accounts.

Facebook will soon verify the accounts of specific users, similar to the feature found on Twitter. The social network is set to confirm the accounts of public figures based on their ID, providing them with a verified status. In the introductory stages, this will be an invite-only feature available to those with a high number of subscribers.

Facebook echoes Twitter account verification

Twitter began offering verified accounts back in 2009, guaranteeing the authenticity of its well known users. The Twitter verified accounts help page highlights the reasoning for its account confirmation, stating: "Verification is used to establish authenticity for accounts who deal with identity confusion regularly on Twitter."

The Twitter authentication allows public figures to display their legitimacy while also guaranteeing to fans that they are following a genuine account. The introduction of this feature on Facebook will also aim to provide users with the knowledge that celebrity accounts are authentic. In a move away from Twitter, Facebook will not use any badge to confirm an account is verified. However, upon its authentication, an account will appear in the "people to subscribe to" list more, increasing the user's profile on Facebook.

Richard Frost, managing editor at theEword, said: "Twitter is well known for its celebrity users, who amass high number of followers. Facebook could be attempting to increase the amount of public figures that actively use the social network, adding to how the site can be used by its members."