Facebook better than Twitter

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Facebook versus Twitter

Social media fans are constantly arguing about the relative merits of Facebook and Twitter.

Now, event management platform EventBrite has waded into the fray by claiming a like on Facebook is more valuable than a tweet. Using an in-house suite of social analytics tools, EventBrite has been reviewing the sales process on its site over the past six months.

Facebook wins social media contest

It discovered that almost four times as many people shared EventBrite events on Facebook compared to Twitter. Perhaps this is to be expected, bearing in mind the disparity in user numbers. More significantly, however, Facebook likes generate on average $1.34 (£0.84) in ticket sales, whereas tweets drive just $0.80.

EventBrite also found the use of social media marketing differed dramatically between different types of events. Networking events had the highest overall share rate, followed by business events. But in terms of financial returns per share, music events came out top, ahead of fundraisers, social events and food and wine events.

Tamara Mendelsohn, director of marketing at EventBrite, said: "As we continue to learn more about how social media drives real transactions, we will share what we learn with the community. We're big believers in the power of social media and its promise to disrupt stagnant industries. But it's not blind faith; the truth is in the numbers."

Facebook also enjoys a much bigger reach than any other social networking site. Earlier this month, it was reported that there are now 30 million Facebook users in the UK alone.