Celebrities subject of Twitter death rumours

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Stars feel might of Twitter rumour mill

The power and influence of social media made itself known once more this Christmas as the Twitter rumour mill spun yarns on the deaths of two celebrities.

It took a tweet from Denise Richards to convince the world her movie star ex-husband Charlie Sheen had not perished in a snowboarding accident over the holidays. Word of the actor's death had spread thanks to Twitter as well as a number of celebrity blog sites.

Sheen wasn't the only one receiving the death hoax treatment this year. Soul legend Aretha Franklin was said to have died, with speculation hitting the internet two days after Christmas. A representative for the singer confirmed she is alive, and currently recuperating from pancreatic cancer treatment.

Rest in tweets

Twitter has become one of the biggest sources of information for hot topics like celebrity deaths. Last year, the death of Michael Jackson