BBC photographer discovered via Twitter

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Local lad gets recognition from the Beeb

The BBC has discovered a budding photographer on social networking site Twitter.

Sixth form student Tom Stamp, 17, is a pupil at Calder High School in Hebden Bridge and regularly posts photographs on his Twitter feed. The BBC stumbled across one of his photographs that happened to be of their new site at MediaCityUK. They then approached the teenager and asked him to work on a project that would later produce the front page of Ariel, their internal magazine.

Stamp was delighted that the BBC had found him on the social networking site, telling the Guardian: "Of course I jumped at the chance and really enjoyed working with the BBC to create the final outcome. The final image saw the seventeen year old using image manipulation programs to alter his original photograph. He positioned various presenters and BBC officials around the city by the relevant buildings they would be moving to.

BBC recognises northern talent

The use of Stamp's image shows the impact that social media can have on the creative industries. It can be used as a platform for budding photographers to exhibit their work in the hope of being discovered. On this occasion that is exactly what has happened. The fact that Stamp hails from the north is in accordance with the BBC's vision that the move away from White City will bring with it the unearthing of new creative talent.

Tom Stamp hopes to continue his photographical endeavours by taking up project 365. The popular online project encourages users to take one photo a day for 365 days, and upload them to Flickr for other users to view. Tom's Flickr profile already has a large following with him regularly updating it with altered images.