66 per cent of advertisers using paid social adverts

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Paid social advertising continues to grow

A study from Nielsen company Vizu has revealed that 66 per cent of advertisers integrate paid social advertising into their online campaigns.

The survey also revealed that 83 per cent of advertisers used some form of social advertising (paid or otherwise), while the most popular form of paid online social advertising was placing adverts alongside online videos. Mobile advertising was also revealed to be extremely popular, with 40 per cent of advertisers using this platform for paid social promotions.

Television advertising was also reported to increasingly include social media promotions, with 37 per cent of adverts on this platform directing viewers to Twitter profiles or Facebook fan pages. This technique was also used in print campaigns in newspapers or magazines, with around 52 per cent of print advertising containing information on their social media.

Social media and advertising

The use of social media for advertising is constantly growing, with Facebook advertising and promoted tweets on Twitter and promotions on LinkedIn giving the opportunity for advertisers to present their services or products to an audience of millions.

There have been many examples of successful viral marketing, with many brands reaping the rewards of a simple online marketing campaign which generated huge interest and financial benefits. These success stories are a big part of why marketing for social media is becoming increasingly important and a widespread tactic used by advertisers.

Tom Glass, creative director at theEword commented: "Social media is changing the way the world works, and this is also true for advertisers. The days of billboards being the best way to expose your message to a large audience are long gone, with paid social advertising the new way to ensure that your product is seen by as many people as possible."