Yahoo holds under 10 per cent of US search market

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Yahoo usage drops dramatically in the US

Yahoo now holds less than a 10 per cent share of the US search market, according to comScore's data for June.

At 9.8 per cent, this is an all-time low figure for Yahoo, while Bing are currently twice as popular with a share of 19.2 per cent.

The data also reveals that Google has a 67.6 per cent share of the US search market, in contrast to its UK market share, which stands at a much higher 89.3 per cent.

In addition to detailing the extent of Yahoo's current US failure, comScore's data also reveals that despite growth in the middle of 2013, overall desktop search in the US has dropped for the fifth consecutive month - hinting that mobile devices are becoming more widely used.

Almost a third of US searches take place on mobile devices

While 70 per cent of US searches take place on desktops, the other 30 per cent are made on mobile devices, which includes tablets as well as smartphones.

The abovementioned comScore data does not include mobile devices, but according to StatCounter, Yahoo's share on US mobile devices is even less, at 8.7 per cent.
Meanwhile Google's grasp of the US market is much firmer on mobile devices than it is on desktops, at 87 per cent. Bing's is the lowest of the three at just under 4 per cent.

Carla Fazakerley, head of SEO at theEword, has said: "Things don't look great for Yahoo at the minute - both in the US and elsewhere. Worldwide across all platforms, they have only 3.6 per cent of the entire search engine market. That said, Bing's share is only fractionally larger at the moment. Whether either will gain significant ground over the other by the end of the year remains to be seen."