Yahoo to appoint Carol Bartz as new CEO

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As reported by the Wall Street Journal, it looks like Carol Bartz will replace Jerry Yang as the CEO of Yahoo. This should bring to a halt the rumour mill that has been churning since ‘Chief Yahoo’ announced his decision to step down last year.

The appointment of the 60 year old former Autodesk boss may surprise those who anticipated a younger, more internet-savvy executive taking the job. According to the Guardian, tech blogs were rife with questions about her knowledge of search engine marketing and PPC advertising, as well as her internet experience.

Her ability to steer Yahoo through its troubles in the search market will be key to her survival. Rumours persist that the company may offload its PPC advertising arm, a view supported by their attempted PPC deal with Google last year. That agreement fell through, hammering another nail in Yang’s coffin. The latest talk in the search market is that Bartz may have to oversee a merger with AOL.

Whatever decisions she makes with regards to PPC advertising and search engine marketing, Yahoo shareholders will be looking to Bartz to start closing the gap on market leader Google as soon as possible.