Survey reveals SEO and PPC success

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Questionnaire reveals SEO and PPC are some of the best ways to generate sales

SEO and PPC are two of the most effective web marketing tools, according to a Forbes questionnaire.

The business magazine's 2009 Advertising Effectiveness Survey revealed that 48 per cent of marketing executives think search engine optimisation is the best way to generate sales. 32 per cent said pay-per-click advertising was their preferred method.

The respondents also reported that they expected the budgets of viral marketing and SEO campaigns to significantly increase in the coming six months. They also predicted that advertising networks would see the biggest decline in revenue during this time.

87 per cent of those surveyed said they actively measured the results of their digital campaigns. A total of 44 per cent compared the ROI with projected targets, while 29 per cent contrasted the results of a marketing campaign against the outcomes of previous projects.

Gauging digital marketing success

The measurements indicating the success of a digital marketing campaign were also identified in the survey. 70 per cent of those respondents with budgets of over $1 million cited sales results as the most important product of a marketing campaign. 49 per cent gauged achievement through click-through rates, while 34 per cent believe that an increase in search rankings placement was indicative of success.

The effectiveness of behavioural advertising was questioned by 82 per cent of the respondents and 81 per cent of those asked said they were worried about a customer backlash from this marketing method.