Smartphone users are happy with apps

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Smartphone users like smart technology

Business advisory firm, Deloitte, has released a report detailing current mobile consumption.

Its stats reveal that apps are highly popular, with 45 per cent of smartphone users downloading at least one app a week. The research also shows that apps utilising the newest technologies gain the most downloads. Apps harnessing the functionality of portability were 81 per cent more likely to be downloaded, and apps containing an accelerometer, 77 per cent more likely.

The research is relevant for app developers and brands who wish to gain a large amount of downloads. Deloitte media partner, Howard Davies says: "The app market has some way to go before it rivals TV or the web for penetration, but it is of growing importance for brands. Brands view apps as a golden opportunity to communicate directly with consumers and in a more meaningful, long term manner. When brands get it right, the returns can be huge."

Targeted technology

Deloitte's report details how brands must utilise the emerging technologies in order to break through in the crowded apps market. Apps using location-based services were reported to be 61 per cent more likely to be downloaded. Location data is important for advertisers as they can give users better targeted ads.

Brands should be aware that mobile consumption is ever-growing and mobile marketing is an avenue that will increasingly bring a marked return on investment.