Russian search engine Yandex overtakes Bing

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Global search engine rankings

Russian search engine Yandex has overtaken Microsoft's Bing on the number of search queries worldwide, becoming the fourth most popular global search engine.

This has caused Microsoft's Bing to fall to fifth place, according to comScore qSearch global search statistics covering search queries conducted in November and December 2012.

In November, it found that Yandex had 4.62 billion search requests, while Bing was not far behind with 4.48 queries. Meanwhile, December stats showed that the Russian search engine's requests had increased to 4.84 billion requests with a 2.8 percent market share, and Microsoft had remained at 4.48 billion queries with a 2.5 percent market share.

The data also found that Google is still has the largest amount of search queries worldwide, with 114.73 billion search requests and a 65.2 percent share. In second place is China's Baidu with 14.5 billion queries and 8.2 percent share, and Yahoo is ranked third with 8.63 billion queries and a 4.9 percent share.

Reasons for the rise

According to Yandex, the search engine had 60.7 percent of all search traffic in October 2012 in Russia, where the population is close to 142 million. This dominant market share in Russia along with a growing internet market in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Turkey is likely to have influenced Yandex's position in global search rankings.

Natalie Booth, head of search at theEword, said: "The comScore data also showed that the number of unique searchers for Yandex was 74.4 million, while Bing had 268.6 million in December. While English-speaking users may use a variety of search engines other than Google, it seems that Russian-speaking countries have a lot less choice and probably use Yandex more on average."