PPC is fastest-growing advertising medium

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New research claims PPC growth set to continue into 2009

A new study that claims PPC is “the fastest-growing advertising medium” says growth in the online pay-per-click advertising market looks set to continue, with broadband being the main driving force.

The Key Note Publications ‘Internet Advertising Market’ report says that the industry’s online PPC spend will increase by a further 31.4 per cent to the end of 2008.

The report attributes the growth in PPC expenditure to the boom in take-up of internet packages and the increased penetration of broadband, which allows the transmission of more adverts.

The survey found that the transmission of more PPC ads, coupled with the fact that half of consumers reported themselves more likely to click on graphically rich broadband banners, put online marketers at an advantage.

"We forecast that the internet [PPC] advertising market will continue to expand at a strong pace in the immediate future and that it will experience a less steep but steady momentum thereafter to 2012," said Key Note Publications in a statement.

With figures putting UK broadband penetration at around 60 per cent, the news looks good for online PPC marketers hoping to reach a wide audience with their campaigns.