Microsoft touts benefits of SEO

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SEO can make impact on sales, says Microsoft

A strong search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy can provide a massive boost across all areas of a varied online marketing campaign, an executive at Microsoft has claimed.

Colm Bracken, group search manager at the California-based company cited a recent survey from the Internet Advertising Bureau which found 40 per cent of consumers were influenced to use search engines to look up products they had seen advertised on television.

He added that this behaviour also extends to offline sales, as people will see a product on television, look up more details about it on the internet, and then go to a shop to pick it up.

"Search amplifies the overall marketing strategy and curiously, in terms of complementing other media too, we know that search drives offline sales," Mr Bracken commented.

Panda updates

Meanwhile, market leader Google has administered more changes to its Panda algorithm as part of its 2.3 update. Roughly 500 changes are made to the way Google ranks websites each year, something a spokesperson claimed was typical of its "commitment to returning high-quality sites to Google users".

Panda's modus operandi is to ensure Google ranks higher-quality sites further up its results, meaning webmasters and companies must keep a close eye on the quality of content.

theEword managing editor Richard Frost said: "Panda has had a huge effect on the industry. Now more than ever it's important that you have great content on your site."