Microsoft to lead expo on SEO, PPC and search

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The keynote event at the London leg of this year’s Search Marketing Expo will be delivered by Microsoft, it has been revealed.

Search Marketing Expo, or SMX, is a conference dedicated to the distribution and proliferation of all the latest knowledge relating to SEO and PPC tactics, organised by online marketing expert Chris Sherman, executive editor of Search Engine Land.

The Microsoft session, entitled ‘Empowering Search Marketers: The Next Generation’, will be led by Nathan Buggia and Zhao Hui Tang, Microsoft’s development leaders on paid and natural search. Part of their presentation will outline what the technology giant sees as the future of search marketing.

Given that Google hold such a powerful hold on the search market, with almost 70 per cent of web searches being made through the site, it will be interesting to hear what one of their less influential rivals (MSN accounts for just over 5 per cent) has to say on the subject.

Speaking about Search Marketing Expo, Chris Sherman said:

“The past few years have seen the introduction of new features, offering richer search results, personalisation and other tools designed to empower searchers. Search engines are now shifting focus, preparing new, highly sophisticated tools designed to take marketers to the next level, enabling them to fine-tune campaigns in ways not previously achievable. I am looking forward to discussing the issues and hearing more about Microsoft’s plans for the next generation of search marketing.”

The message to us SEO and PPC professionals seems to be that we should develop our skills in line with the expanding possibilities offered by the next generation of search engines. According to Search Marketing Expo, the men from Microsoft will share information and tools to that end while delivering their vision of the future relationship between SEO, PPC and search engines.

SMX London will be held on 4-5 November 2008 at the New Connaught Rooms, Covent Garden.