Meet the team - Rachel Holce, online marketing

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theEword blog chats to Rachel, the latest recruit to the Manchester SEO company. Hailing from the Land of the Free, the marketing assistant talks to us about America, a love for viral videos and her impending nuptials in 2010.

Hello. You don't sound like you're from around here.

No, I'm actually from America. I was born in the Sunshine State of California, but moved here four years ago. My family were originally from Manchester, so I don't get homesick too often.

Say something American for us.


Thanks for that. So, what do you do at theEword?

I'm the new marketing assistant. I track traffic for our clients, as well as providing logistical support for Mark (theEword marketing manager).

Ah. So what's new in online marketing?

Many, many things. My subscription to Revolution keeps me up-to-date with all the happenings in the digital arena. At the moment though, I'm doing some research on the ways companies can use social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, to increase their website traffic.

Any favourite examples?

I was a huge fan of the viral campaign for the US drama Dexter. The advert for the television show had over three million viewings. That was in 2007.

Why did you want to come and work at theEword?

I've was very impressed by theEword's quick growth. It is a company with a number of well-documented successes and I wanted to be a part of that. The working atmosphere in the office is very positive and the team have all been extremely welcoming. There's a lovely team spirit here!

Shucks! We heard a rumour that you were getting married next year. Can we get an invite?

Only if you help me with the planning. I'm not really stressing out yet. I'm sure that stage will come though.

And finally, if you had a sailing boat, what would you name it?

Charlie. I like Snoopy too. (Misfortunate characters from the cartoon Peanuts)

Thanks very much Rachel. Good luck with the wedding.