March 2013 search engine market share revealed

By Rachel Hand topicIcon SEO

Google makes a recovery

UK search engine market share stats for March 2013 have been published by visitor counter service StatCounter Global Stats.

According to this data, and search engines received a combined total of 90.46 per cent of UK search volume in March 2013. This must come as a relief following the search giant's worrying dip in the February 2013 search engine market share stats; this rise of 1.08 per cent sees it return to its 2012 levels.

Bing meanwhile has dipped slightly to 5.37, although it's still higher than its 2012 figures. Yahoo has climbed marginally to 2.58, while other search engines - Ask, AOL and Conduit some of the biggest among them - attained 1.59 per cent of total UK search volume.

March Googling

Google's Matt Cutts promised several updates which would hit during March, with a Penguin algorithm refresh as well as the introduction of a vertical search opt out for webmasters, which coincided with Flight Search rolling out across the world. In other news, Ungoogleable will not be added to the Swedish dictionary this year, as Google objected to its name being used when referring generally to a search engine.

According to Google Trends, some of the fastest rising search terms for March 2013 related to Comic Relief, Justin Bieber's visit to the UK, and the weather for the bank holiday weekend. The News stories that received most searches included the Cyprus debt crisis, North Korea's threats, and Justin Bieber again.

Below are the UK search engine market share stats for March 2013 in full, using data from StatCounter Global Stats:

UK Search Engine March 2013 share (%) February 2013 share (%) Change
Google 90.46 89.38 +1.08
Bing 5.37 5.98 -0.61
Yahoo 2.58 2.57 +0.01
Others 1.59 2.07 -0.48