Launch of MC Hammer search engine

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It's Hammer Time

Google's supremacy in the search engine market is about to receive a challenge from an unlikely quarter - MC Hammer.

The legendary rapper, real name Stanley Burrell, took to the stage at the Web 2.0 Summit 2011 in California yesterday to preview his latest project WIREDoo, reports The Register. Currently in pre-beta, the MC Hammer search engine aims to return results related to the user's keywords rather than results that exactly match those keywords.

School's out for MC Hammer search engine

As an example of what he means, he gave the example of searching for 'school'. On WIREDoo, he explained that users would be presented with websites for local schools, as well as information on truancy levels and places to find further information. Moreover, he confirmed that the search results could be localised.

"This is not a competitive attempt to recreate search," he said. "We don't really need just another search engine, but if something adds value then why not?"

MC Hammer argued that this relevance will differentiate it from existing search engines, although in fact platforms like Google, Bing and Wolfram|Alpha are already using semantic search results. He also gave no indication of when WIREDoo will launch.

Al Mackin, managing director of theEword, said: "It's a brave man who launches a new search engine. However, the integration of Wolfram|Alpha into Siri shows that the idea of an alternative search engine can be profitable. With a search engine like this, MC Hammer should have been part of the So Semantic Crew."

MC Hammer rose to fame in the late 1980s and early 1990s. His signature Hammer pants, quirky dance moves and catchy lyrics on tracks like U Can't Touch This turned him into one of rap's most bankable stars. In recent years, however, he has restyled himself as an entrepreneur, running his own record label, managing racehorses and launching the community dancing website