iOS7 replaces Google with Bing

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Bing is in for iOS7

Apple has launched the hotly anticipated iOS7, with this system to be used across both mobile and tablet devices.

The most significant change that users have noticed so far is a switch to Bing within the Siri personal assistant system, which previously used results from Google. With a significant Bing redesign also being announced this week, it has been an extremely positive week for Google's main contender as the most popular search engine.

As well as this dramatic switch to Bing, users will also be prompted to switch to Bing as their default search engine the first time they open the internet, although this change is optional and can be declined.

Further new features for iOS7

In addition to these changes relating to the default search engine, there have been a number of smaller additions to the system, as well as a radically changed appearance.

Initial response to the new system from users has been positive, although there have been some complaints about the length of the installation period and the amount of space required on the system for the update to be installed.

Adrian Mursec, senior developer at theEword, commented: "The release of a new Apple operating system is always highly anticipated, with iOS7 being no different. While the last release attracted a great deal of controversy with the removal of Google Maps and the subsequent problems with Apple Maps, the latest move to rid the system of Google has created far less of a storm. While Apple will have to monitor reaction quickly and look for any bugs or problems which may arise, so far it seems as though the release of iOS7 has been a success.