Google vamps up search yet again

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Google is launching even more features

Google has unveiled several new search features including Instant Pages and Voice Search.

In a media event this week, Google announced that it plans to update its search capabilities to increase the speed and ease of gaining results for users. Google's new features include Google Instant Pages, Voice Search for desktop and Search by Image on desktop. These technologies that have been present on mobile devices for a while are now to be available on desktop browsers.

The search engine's Instant Pages takes its previous introduction of Google Instant one step further. Instant Pages predicts which pages a user is more likely to select and begins to prerender them so that once they are selected they will have already loaded. Google has been working on its relevance technology for years and has said in its blog: "We can fairly accurately predict when to prerender". Instant Pages will be available for users with the next beta release of Chrome.

Google's further offerings

Previously, unless using a mobile device, the only way to search for something using Google was to manually type the query into the search engine. Google's Voice Search and Search by Image systems will allow users to gain relevant results for enquiries that may be difficult to spell or put into words. When using Google Chrome users will begin to see a microphone in the search box. By simply clicking the microphone a search can be spoken. This makes it easier to search for words that are difficult to spell, or to achieve results for a translation.

In another improvement to Google's image search capabilities, its new Search by Image functionality means that next to the aforementioned microphone, there will also be a little camera. By clicking on the camera it will be possible to upload any picture from a computer, or select an image URL from the web and search Google to discover what it is or find similar results. This could prove to be a useful feature if, for example, a user has taken a photo of a dress they like but would like to know where to buy it.