Google updates PageRank

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Google PageRank update goes live

Many sites have recently seen a Google PageRank update.

Although the internet was awash with rumours about a possible September 2009 edit, it has taken till the end of October for changes to appear. A host of sites are reporting new PageRank ratings and some are happier than others.

To take just one example, a well-known UK company saw the homepage climb from a PageRank of 4 to 5 while one of its major subdomains enjoyed a spectacular jump from 0 to 4. However, a number of its less important pages actually dropped in value. One web commentator said that, in general, newer sites and those that were overlooked for the last update have been getting PageRank boosts but more established operators remained static.

PageRank updates in 2009

Of course, we've been here before. Google, doesn't tend to flag its PageRank updates - despite being relatively open about other changes to its ranking process - but industry analysts think there were at least three major updates in 2009