Google tool brings social to search

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+1 experiment is just a click away

From its launch today, American Google users will have the optional ability to recommend almost anything they discover in its search engine and keep it logged.

The company hope to eventually make the clickable '+1' icon available on non-Google sites, similar to the way Facebook's 'Like' button works on websites and their adverts.

Its new venture is seen as a way for them to gauge content's quality and relevance. Google explained on its blog: "You get the right recommendations (because they come from people who matter to you), at the right time, and in the right format (your search results)."

The +1s are public and allows user's friends to see what they like and add to it. They can be seen on sites across the internet as well as in your personal profile and Google search results.

Problems with social media and privacy

Google has experimented with social media before but hopes this will be more successful because it doesn't require any additional bookmarking or linking services. Although the social search data will provide the company with a large amount of information, it will not be used to influence search results for now.

Excitement about the Google +1 innovation will serve as a welcome diversion after it got in hot water recently over privacy issues with its Buzz social network. Earlier this week, the US Federal Trade Commission announced it would conduct privacy audits on Google for the next 20 years as part of a mutually agreed settlement.