Google test new sitelinks

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Google revamps its search engine

Google has begun to test new ways of presenting its search results pages. The preliminary experiments appear to show that sitelinks may become just as prominent as the main result.

Google began introducing sitelinks onto its search engine back in 2006. Presently, a top result has six sitelinks which are limited in both size and space. The new version, which Google is currently testing, has two tiers of around twelve sitelinks which have a spacious layout and increased font size. Each link also has its own meta description and destination URL.

A change for the better?

The extra sitelinks will provide the top search result with increased visibility as they will take up the majority of the space above the fold. This could increase the amount of traffic the first result receives as people will be more likely to search and click on the noticeable sitelinks than scroll down to other sites.

The Seer Interactive blog believe that the top search result will reap the benefits of this possible change as: "The only thing this immediately shows is that Google is testing giving brand queries more authority and space in search results."

If the new results page becomes accepted and widely used, the companies which are lower down the ranking may lose out. Richard Frost, managing editor at theEword, said: "If Google favours the big brands, this will come at the expense of potential competitors. The expanded sitelinks will take up extra space and will leave other sites unseen." It seems that while this change would benefit top ranking brands, others may find that they become overshadowed and concealed on the Google search engine.