Google sets up warnings for faulty redirects

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Google warns of faulty redirects

Being redirected to the mobile homepage of a website instead of the webpage appearing in search results is an issue that many smartphone users have had to deal with.

Google has now started to address this common issue by including a message in US SERPs which tells searchers when a specific search result contains a faulty redirect to a mobile site homepage.

Mariya Moeva, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, announced the change on the Webmaster Central Blog: "We'd like to spare users the frustration of landing on irrelevant pages and help webmasters fix the faulty redirects."

Users still have the option to click on 'Try anyway' if they would like to reach the mobile homepage.

Help for webmasters

Alongside the warnings in search results, Google will begin to send messages to those websites with faulty redirects. Any mistakes detected will also appear in the Smartphone Crawl Error section of Webmaster Tools. Google has suggested that webmasters carry out their own mobile searches as another step to determine whether their redirects are set up correctly.

Presently, the messages in search results and the notifications in Webmaster Tools are only available for users in the US.

Adrian Mursec, head of development at theEword, has said: "By fixing any faulty redirects that are detected by Google, webmasters can make sure that their audience are directed to the correct mobile webpage rather than visiting an irrelevant page, or being put off by a warning message in Google search results."