Google retains top spot

Google still on top

Google has retained the top spot for search engine market share, according to research by Experian Hitwise, the leading global online competitive intelligence service. For the four weeks leading to 12 March 2011, Google maintained dominance over both the UK and US markets.

The stats show little change from February 2011 search engine market share. accounted for 84.73 per cent of searches, which, when added to the 5.24 per cent on, gives Google an overwhelming majority of 89.97 per cent. This is slightly lower than last month, as Bing and Yahoo have both seen a minute rise to 4.29 and 3.00 per cent respectively.

Yahoo is still ahead of Bing in the US search market, and climbed to 15.93 per cent this month; Bing received 14.54 per cent of searches. Both these figures have jumped by over 1 per cent, with Google dropping to 64.3 per cent.

Japan disaster most searched

For the week ending 12 March 2011, search terms stats are dominated by the earthquake and tsunami tragedy in Japan. In the UK, six of the top 10 fastest moving search terms, nine of the top 10 entertainment and media search terms, and eight of the top 10 most-used terms in social media related to this disaster. In the US, the fastest moving search terms included five variations on the Japanese disaster, and two terms relating to whether the tsunami would hit the US state of Hawaii.

Search engine market share changes

Here is how search engine market share has changed over the last four weeks for the three biggest search engines in the UK and the US:

UK Search Engine March 2011 share (%) Feb 2011 share (%) Change (%)
Google 89.97 90.38 -0.41
Bing 4.29 4.11 +0.18
Yahoo 3.00 2.88 +0.12
US Search Engine March 2011 share (%) Feb 2011 share (%) Change (%)
Google 64.30 67.62 -3.32
Yahoo 15.93 14.59 +1.34
Bing 14.54 13.11 +1.43