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How does Google +1 affect website rankings?

Al Mackin, managing director of theEword, has taken the time to look deeper into Google +1 and its impact on Google's complex algorithm

Following Google's introduction of social metrics, in the form of Google +1, Al looks at how this tool affects rankings for websites. Google Webmaster Tools, which provides people with reports about their visibility on Google, has begun to include details of the impact that +1s have on rankings. Through theEword website, Al offers an analysis of the new tools and suggests how this will impinge on website owners.

Google is regularly updating its elusive algorithm, but every so often gives indications about factors that it deems to be of high importance. Google's inclusion of +1 in its Webmaster Tools is a hint that social metrics plays a key role in determining where sites rank. Al says in his analysis: "If you don't absorb the way that Google is changing its algorithm, or employ an agency to steer your campaign for you, then you could get left behind."

Sharing insights

Al Mackin has over 12 years experience in the SEO industry. In his latest in-depth guide, he explains the true significance of Google +1.

"What Google is doing is forcing the hands of businesses; get your act together and make your site the best you can in order to keep your rankings (and your visitor numbers) high."

Google released Google +1 in early June and the function is now visible on various websites across the web. Users can select '+1' using a button on a page, or search result, to signal their belief that this page is of a high importance.

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