Google Panda arrives in UK

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Google Panda comes to the UK

Google Panda, also known as Google Farmer, has been officially rolled out in the UK.

The major update, which Google claims has already affected more than 12 per cent of US search results, went live this week for all English-language Google users. This includes browsers across the UK, as well as those in other countries with high numbers of internet adopters such as India and Australia.

New user feedback signals

Moreover, Google has incorporated "new user feedback signals" into its search rankings. The company asserts that the change will enable the algorithm to assess some low-quality sites for the first time. Data about sites that users have decided to block is also now being considered by Google.

In a post on the Google Webmaster Central Blog, Google fellow Amit Singhal indicated Google Panda has improved the quality of search engine results pages. "Based on our testing, we've found the algorithm is very accurate at detecting site quality," he said. "If you believe your site is high quality and has been impacted by this change, we encourage you to evaluate the different aspects of your site extensively."

Google offers plenty of tips on how to improve site quality. In a post entitled Google-friendly sites on Google Webmaster Central, developers are urged to avoid creating content that is not intended to be viewed by the public, such as cloaked or crawler-only pages. Building multiple pages with identical content, and using images to display important links and names is also frowned upon.