Google Map Maker expanded to UK

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Google Map Maker reaches UK

Users in the United Kingdom can now make edits to the highly popular Google Maps service, thanks to the expansion of Google Map Maker.

Map Maker has already proved a success in many countries around the world, including the United States, France and Australia. It was initially launched in 2008 to allow users to make changes in countries where it may prove difficult for Google to fully map the area, with initial locations including Pakistan, Iraq and Vietnam. Now that Google Maps covers so much of the world in great detail, Map Maker allows individuals to ensure that this expansive data remains up to date.

With a number of rival mapping services available, including the widely criticised Apple Maps service, Map Maker is seen as vital to keeping Google Maps at the top of the market.

Google Map Maker features

Visitors to Google Map Maker are given four options when using the service, including:

  • Add place
  • Edit place
  • Add road
  • Review edits by other users

The review edits section allows Google to ensure that malicious edits are not made by competitors or mischief makers, while the remaining options offer self explanatory chances for editing. The ability to add and edit places should prove to be extremely useful for new businesses, with Map Maker literally allowing them to put themselves on the map. If a company has moved offices or expanded to a further location, they can also add this information to ensure visitors are easily able to reach them.

Edit roads can be used to ensure that all driving directions remain up to date and relevant, covering such situations as a road being made pedestrian or one way. The pedestrianisation of Cardiff city centre in 2010 initially caused problems for those seeking directions around the Welsh capital, before updates were made by the company themselves. As well as being of great benefit to business owners, Map Maker should enable problems like this to become a thing of the past.

Natalie Booth, head of search at theEword commented: "Google Map Maker reaching our shores looks as if it should be of great benefit to businesses and individual users alike. With online map services proving to be such an important part of modern life, anything which can be done to ensure they are kept relevant and correct is a welcome boost.

It has also been suggested that business users may be able to add targeted advertising to certain areas on the map in the future, which would be intriguing. This currently remains pure speculation, but with Google constantly looking to evolve, targeted advertising through Google Maps could be the next big change for this popular product".