Google introduces Tag Manager

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Google's new tool extremely helpful for webmasters

Google has unveiled their latest product designed to help website management, with Google Tag Manager. This service enables people to correctly tag their websites far quicker than it had been possible to do previously.

One of the first people to use the service was Ameet Arurkar, Director of Search Engine Marketing at QuinStreet who commented: "Google Tag Manager took one big chunk of time out of the tagging process. What took 2 weeks now takes less than a day--sometimes just hours... "Google Tag Manager just makes business sense."

As well as significantly speeding up the process, there are several other useful functions included with Tag Manager to make the process of running a website easier. Google explains a number of these features on its website:

  • "Asynchronous tag loading" increases the loading speed of your website for users
  • Error-prevention tools including the ability to preview before publishing
  • Easy-to-use tag templates to keep the addition of tags to your website simple
  • User permissions and multi-accounts to allow agencies to work together

Google also indicates that this is just the start of its development of Google Tag Manager, and that much more is to come. The tool is currently only available in English, with several other languages planned for release in the near future.

Digital marketing made simple

Tags enable you to track many of the most important aspects of digital marketing. Web analytics, conversion tracking and remarketing are just some of the examples of areas of marketing which require tags to work correctly. Incorrect tagging can seriously damage a marketing campaign, leaving a webmaster unable to track which elements are attracting the most users.

Adrian Mursec, senior developer at theEword says:"This is the latest example of Google providing an excellent tool to help marketers and webmasters with their websites. Tagging correctly is essential for the success of a website and increasing the conversion rate, making Tag Manager a must use tool for those looking to get the most out of their online presence."