Google down in UK search engine market share stats

By Rachel Hand topicIcon SEO

Yahoo's lowest ebb

The latest UK search engine market share stats for November 2011 have been published by Experian Hitwise.

For the four weeks ending 5th November 2011, Hitwise revealed that and achieved a combined total of 90.57 per cent of search volume. This is down slightly on its October 2011 search engine market share, continuing the dip from September. However, since March the search giant has been used for over 90 per cent of UK searches. During this time Google has made an effort to improve the quality of search results for users with the Panda algorithm change, and more recently, a freshness algorithm update.

Microsoft's Bing search engine received 3.85 per cent of search volume, a 0.15 per cent improvement on last month, staying almost consistent since August. Ask has also improved to 1.76 per cent of search volume, showing a slow but steady improvement over the last six months. However, things are looking as grim as ever for Yahoo; the search engine has suffered yet another small drop in search engine market share, taking it to its lowest point since its downward trajectory started in March 2011.

Searches this week

For the week that ended November 5th, Hitwise listed the fastest moving search and social networking terms as 'm5 crash', and 'mariah yeater', who alleges teen heartthrob Justin Bieber fathered her baby. Other trending search terms were Google Easter eggs tilt, askew and do a barrel roll, after the latter was discovered on Thursday.

UK Search Engine November 2011 share (%) October 2011 share (%) Change
Google 90.57 90.78 -0.21
Bing 3.85 3.70 +0.15
Yahoo 2.41 2.50 -0.09
Ask 1.76 1.59 +0.17
Others 1.41 1.43 -0.02